The Train Museum

Tuesday, January 20th 2009. | Sawahlunto Tourism

The train museum was located at Abdul Rahman Hakim street, Aia Dingin rural-district, Sawahlunto city, West Sumatra province, Indonesia. Covered 1.500 M square area, about 5 Km from Muaro Kalaban.

At museum there were so many old train stuff displayed, such as fabric label, screw-jack, rails, train’s signal, cominucation gears, and photos of the train historical of West Sumatra. And also on the yard of museum there are a railway-carriage of coals, two railway-carriage which was look-like a train in cowboy period, and tourism railway-carriage which is still running good (every Saturday and Sunday).

This train museum from the begining untill now have a named Rumah Sin Kek, was built in the year 1906, it was used as a theater, a building of melayu society was gathering, and used as a ice’s factory. Nowadays this building is a tourism destination and also a souvenir shop. /r.j