Sawahlunto Is All About

Tuesday, January 20th 2009. | Sawahlunto About

emblem Sawahlunto was the only one maining city in West Sumatra, Indonesia. This city was officially exist in the year 1892, which was under Dutch authority. Sawahlunto city covered about 27.345 hectare or 273.45 KM square. Sawahlunto district have 4 subdistricts (which are Barangin; Lembah Segar; Silungkang-famous with tenunan silungkang-; and Talawi), 10 country-districts, and 27 rural-districts. It is about 95 KM from Padang city, which is the capital of West Sumatra province, or about 2 hours by car.

The geographic of Sawahlunto are about 033’40” – 043’33” of south latitude and 100°43’13” – 100°50’40” of west longitude, at north side bordered with Tanah Datar region district, at east side bordered with Sawahlunto/ Sinjunjung region district, and at south and west side was bordered with Solok region district. Topography of sawahlunto city typed of steep hills, slooping and plains with elevation 250 to 650 M upper sea level, the Sawahlunto city was at 100 to 500 M. The economical structure of Sawahlunto district were based on mining sector, agriculture sector, home indutries and farming sector. Based on the law of government number 44 of year 1990, the city of Sawahlunto also become a tourism destination in west sumatra. /r.j