Muaro Gasan Lestari

Saturday, January 31st 2009. | Padang Pariaman Tourism

Muaro gasan lestari is a beautiful beach, it is about 200 meters from main street of Pariaman – Lubuk Basung. Leavy with sea pines and spruces, had white sand and the Clear water bay, it is comfortable for Jet Ski and other sea activities.
At the muaro gasan lestari had a several reefs, named; Gabuo reef, Tete reef, Panyue reef, etc. It is a good potential for sea food commodity export, such as a shrimps, lobsters, and any kind fish, and at Gabuo reef, it is good area for fishing sport. Muaro gasan lestari is a pleasure tourism destination in Padang Pariaman region district. /r.j