Kandih Resort

Thursday, June 4th 2009. | Sawahlunto Tourism


Situate in Kandih – Talawi sub district, Sawahlunto city. Covers about 400 hectare, used to be as mining area of PTBA – UPO. On these area Sawahlunto district government develops a resort, named Kandih Resort. There are some tourism facilities such as:

*Kandih Lake Tourism, the non-natural lake, nice place to run of  water-cycle, and jet sky. While on the land there is a hill-tours car, and also has an outbound spot (flying fox across the Kandih lake, so when some trouble happen the visitors will fallen into the lake and the jet sky or boat will help them immediately).

*Kandih Zoo, a lot of  animal kinds were there.  Something unique on this zoo, it is the visitor can riding elephant or horse (there is an option for visitor to wear Indian-or Cowboy outfit, very interesting idea). And also on Kandih Zoo there is a cow’s breed (its about 1,000 cows)

*Horse race in national standard court

*Public toilet


For note:
-Ticket for adult is Rp. 2,500/ person, child is Rp. 1,500/ person.
-Riding an elephant/ or horse is Rp 5,000/ person.
-Flying fox is Rp. 10,000/ person.
-Water-cycle is Rp. 5,000/ person.
-Hill-tours car is Rp. 12,500/ person.

And when we are come from Padang city we can use public transportation, but if  we are visit  from Padang Panjang city we can use tourism-train to Sawahlunto city. To come to this tourism object we can use public transportation from pasar remaja at Sawahlunto city to kandih, then continue with ojek (it is about 1 KM) then  we will ready to explore these resort.  Have a nice holiday! /r.j

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