Goedang Ransoem Museum

Tuesday, January 20th 2009. | Sawahlunto Tourism

goedang-ransoem-museum Located at Air Dingin Muarao Kalaban, sub district Silungkang, Silungkang district, West Sumatra province, Indonesia. Was built in the year of 1918, used to be a public kitchen for maining worker and Sawahlunto hospital. After the freedom of Indonesia, this builing was for a kitchen for Indonesia troopers (1945-1950), used as an office of Ombilin maining (1950-1960), used for school building for Ombilin Junior high School (1960-1970), used a house for ombilin maining worker (1970-1980), and at december 19, 2005, was official as a museum, named Goedang Ransoem Museum.

Insede the museum there are historical objects, such as a giant Periuk Nasi/ rice cooker, and other kitchen stuff in giant size. To recall the oldest moment of this museum, it is nice to come to this museum in the morning and take a breakfast. There are a famous Sawahlunto foods, such as bubur kampiun and dendeng batokok, it nice to be your next tourism destination. /r.j