Bukittinggi Zoo And Fort De Kock


Bukittinggi is a famous tourism destination in West Sumatra province, with cozy weather and beautiful landscape. About these month were a school holiday in Indonesia, it’s make Bukittinggi so crowded with a local tourism, mostly kids and their families. Bukittinggi zoo is one of tourism objects in Bukittinggi city. Beside a zoo, on this area we also can see:

1. Museum Rumah Gadang, where you can see the Minangkabau’s art and culture.

2. Limpapeh Bridge, the bridge which is connecting the zoo and the fortress, from this bridge you can watch the view of Bukittinggi city with two famous mountain background on both side; the Marapi mountain and Singgalang mountain.

3. Reminds of civil war, Fort De Kock; the Dutch Fortress which establish to conquer the Minangkabau’s civil war, and some canons. Fort De Kock itself was taken after the name of Commander Baron Hendrick Markus De Kock.

For note:To come to this zoo area we will be charging about Rp. 5,000.00/ person; at the museum we will charging about Rp. 1,000.00/ person. And for kids, on the fort De Kock, there are a riding horses around the fortress, and it will charging about Rp. 5,000.00/ child.

It is not to hard to find Bukittinggi Zoo area, because it is situate in the center of Bukittinggi city, from the famous Jam Gadang we can just go for a walk to the zoo area. Bukittinggi Zoo area is a cozy place for families gathering, sightseeing, and for culture  and history tourism. Have a nice holiday! /r.j

Padang Fair 2009

padangEvery year Padang district government held an event, called Padang Fair. Its to celebrate the anniversarry of Padang City. On this year Padang Fair  will held in 31 July till 9 August, 2009. Locate at H. Agus Salim Sport Centre Padang.
Padang Fair have a purposes to promoting the commodities from producer of goods and services in Padang and others to the buyers. Beside all that there are a several arts and culture event, such as  band festival, Minangkabau traditional performance, etc.  /r.j

Adityawarman Museum


Museum of Adityawarman is the important culture’s museum in West Sumatra. The architecture of this museum is like Rumah Gadang Minangkabau/ the traditional house of Minangkabau. situate crossover of the Padang Culture’s Square, it is in front of Natour Muara hotel , and nearby to Padang beach.

There are so many arts and cultures of minangkabau were display in there, and also the remaining of  war. Locate on Jalan Diponegoro in Padang city. It  is  nice place to visit for cultural tourism. /r.j

West Sumatra Culture’s Week 2009

West Sumatera Culture WeeksIn 12  till 18 July, 2009 at Aditiawarman Museum Padang, the Culture and Tourism Office of  West Sumatra province government will held West Sumatra Culture’s Week 2009. On this event, there will perform minang’s arts, and it will partaking all artists of West Sumatra province.

On this year the West Sumatra Culture’s Week will take a theme “Preserving the Local Culture of  Supporting the National Culture to Developing Tourism Industry In West Sumatra Province

Beside local artist, this event also will exhibit from overseas artists, such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Korea. West Sumatra Culture’s Week 2009 will full of arts performant, interesting tourism event to visit in Padang city, have a nice watching! /r.j

Lubang Japang

lubang-japangA famous cave in West Sumatra province, situate at Panorama in Bukittinggi city. Built in war worl II, as Japan military base underground. Lubang Japang (in bahasa we say ‘Lobang Jepang’) itself named as the matter of  fact this cave was built by Japan authority in 1942 using Indonesian prisoner of war as a workers. The length of Lobang Jepang is about 5000 meters, but already cover about 1400 meters. And now Lobang Jepang remind as war history and become museum and historical tourism object in Bukittinggi district. /rj

Kandih Resort


Situate in Kandih – Talawi sub district, Sawahlunto city. Covers about 400 hectare, used to be as mining area of PTBA – UPO. On these area Sawahlunto district government develops a resort, named Kandih Resort. There are some tourism facilities such as:

*Kandih Lake Tourism, the non-natural lake, nice place to run of  water-cycle, and jet sky. While on the land there is a hill-tours car, and also has an outbound spot (flying fox across the Kandih lake, so when some trouble happen the visitors will fallen into the lake and the jet sky or boat will help them immediately).

*Kandih Zoo, a lot of  animal kinds were there.  Something unique on this zoo, it is the visitor can riding elephant or horse (there is an option for visitor to wear Indian-or Cowboy outfit, very interesting idea). And also on Kandih Zoo there is a cow’s breed (its about 1,000 cows)

*Horse race in national standard court

*Public toilet


For note:
-Ticket for adult is Rp. 2,500/ person, child is Rp. 1,500/ person.
-Riding an elephant/ or horse is Rp 5,000/ person.
-Flying fox is Rp. 10,000/ person.
-Water-cycle is Rp. 5,000/ person.
-Hill-tours car is Rp. 12,500/ person.

And when we are come from Padang city we can use public transportation, but if  we are visit  from Padang Panjang city we can use tourism-train to Sawahlunto city. To come to this tourism object we can use public transportation from pasar remaja at Sawahlunto city to kandih, then continue with ojek (it is about 1 KM) then  we will ready to explore these resort.  Have a nice holiday! /r.j

Waterfall In Nagari Lubuk Gadang

The 15 M high waterfall, name is Timbulun waterfall, situate at Nagari Lubuk Gadang. It is about more less 2 KM from capital of region district of South Solok/ Solok Selatan, and more less 161 KM from Padang city.  The location of Timbulun waterfall is so strategic, its on west side of Muara labuh – Padang Aro highway. The views of waterfall so beautiful and exotic, and the waterfall itself is the flow of Batang Liki river.


The other waterfall in Nagari Lubuk Gadang is Tangsi 4 Mitra Kerinci Waterfall, high about 20 M with 2 levels waterfall. It is situate about 8 KM from Padang Aro. The location of waterfall  is at Sungai Lambai – nagari Lubuk Gadang- Sangir sub district, it’s so unique, because to reach this waterfall we have to walk along a narrow path, in the middle of a tea plantation. To come to these tourism object  from Padang city/ Minangkabau International Airport, we can use public transportation; such as public minibus (charges about Rp. 50.000,-), and rental car (about Rp. 450.000,- per a day). /r.j

Maninjau Lake


Maninjau Lake is a caldera type. situate in 461.50 meters up sea level, with 495 depth. legend said; the lake was appear after the eruption of  Sitinjau mountain, as you can see from the hill which sorrounding Maninjau Lake stood like a wall.

The Maninjau Lake is watering the river  of  Batang Antokan, and at the upstream of Batang Antokan there is a hydro power plant of Maninjau.  Puncak Lawang/ The Peak of Lawang is the highest hill in Maninjau Lake area. And if you come from Bukittinggi city to Maninjau Lake, you will through the famous Veers, named the 44’s Veer, cross along 10 KM from Ambun Pagi till Maninjau.

To come to the Maninjau lake you can use public transportation or  maybe you prefer to rent a car,  and if you want to stay,  there are so many cottage around the lake.  The beautiful lake for your  next  tourism  destination. /r.j

The Twin Lake Trip

Danau Kembar/ Twin Lake situate at Solok region district, and it is one of the greatest lakes in Sumatra. The twin lake covered of two lake, which are Danau Diateh ( on the right, has 1,720 hectare area) and Danau Dibawah (on the left, has 1,680 hectare area). It is about 65 KM from Padang city.


The goverment of Solok region district  has explored Twin Lake as tourism destination, they build a resort and develop an agrotourism (with tea garden, markisah plant, etc) on the lake area. The view of Twin Lake is so exotic and fabulous. There is a unique thing about Twin lake, Dibawah Lake/ The Below lake situate more high than Diatas Lake/ The Upper lake. To come to the Twin lake can be reach by using public transportation (a rent car is recommended). Along the trips we will watching a beautiful sightseeing, and the weather is cold with 14-16 celsius; so don’t forget to bring your jacket. And when you want to buy a souvenir don’t be so hesitate to bargain, if not you will get to paid an extra rupiah then.  Enjoy your trips! /r.j

Singkarak Lake


Located in West Sumatra province, between Padang Panjang city and Solok region district.  The  Singkarak Lake is one of the greatest lakes in Sumatra, it type is tectonic, covered about 107.8 KM square, which have two major river to flows the excess water of Singkarak lake; Ombilin river and  and Anai river. And the lake used as a water power station, which are generating power for West Sumatra province and Riau province. On this lake lives endemic fish, called ikan bilih/ mystacoleucus padangensis. Singkarak lake is about 15 KM from Padang Panjang city, it is a beautiful place for tourism destination.  It is nice for fishing trips or just for picnic with your family.  The Singkarak lake can be reach by public  transportations. /r.j