Siti Nurbaya Bridge and The Grave of Siti Nurbaya

siti-nurbaya-bridge Gunung padang/ padang mountain actually is a hill, which are famous with jembatan sitinurbaya/ sitinurbaya bridge, and the grave of sitinurbaya herself. Sitinurbaya is a legend, which are lives among padang citizen. She famous because of her did to refuse to get married with datuak maringgih, the man that her parent want to become her husband. It is the tradition in minangkabau about parent to arrange the man for their doughter to marry with, so in that time no dating.

The sitinurbaya bridge is one of the tourism areas in padang. Locate in south of padang city, about 1 KM, is so easy to reach from downtown by using public transportation or taxi. This tourism destination will crowded in the afternoon till evening with people for enjoying the mouth of the arau river view while eating corn bake or banana bake. Grave of sitinurbaya was laying on slope of gunung padang/ padang mountain, which are have a wonderfull view of the sea. /r.j

Taman Nirwana Beach/ Pantai Taman Nirwana

taman-nirwana-beach Location at teluk bungus/ bungus bay, about 14 KM south of padang city. Sloping beach with hills view, which are full of tropical trees live in there. There are enough fasilities of tourism, which are cafes, boating rental, playing area for kids, and relaxing area along the beach. Taman nirwana beach are good for picnic, sea view, boating, and camping. To come to this beach you can use public transportation or even taxi. /r.j

Carolina Beach/ Pantai Carolina

carolina-beach-view The destination of tourism in padang, full of fasilties, such as motel, cottage, perform stage, and large of playing park. 25 KM south of padang city, which is at teluk bungus/ bungus bay, very easy to reach from downtown by using public transportation or taxi. From this beach, the tourist can rent a motor boat or fishing boat from the fisherman to take you to the coral islands along the carolina beach. /r.j

Pasia Jambak Beach/ Pantai Pasia Jambak

pasia-jambak-beach-view Pasia jambak beach is a destination tourism in padang, which is locate in KM 14th along padang-bukittinggi highway, about 20 KM from the downtown, but as if you are from BIM/ bandara international minangkabau/ minangkabau international airport it will be about 10 KM. White sand, wide and sloping beach, also full of coconut trees along the beach will spoilt your wanting for leisure moments.

Fasilities of tourism, which are gates, parking area, perform stage, foods corner, homestay, gazebo, and boat rental are provided to you. Pasia jambak beach are suitable for sun bath, swimming, boating, and ofcourse to watch the sunset. From downtown, taxi and public transportation will brought you to this tourism area. /r.j

Aia Manih Beach/ Pantai Aia Manih

aia-manih-beach-view About 10 KM to south of padang city, behind gunung padang/ padang mountain. Aia manih beach is one of the padang tourism destination. Beach with light dark to white sands, wide and sloping when tide. In front aia manih beach there is a island, name is pulau-pisang-ketek/ pisang-ketek island, it is about more than 200 M which is can reach by foot.

The aia manih beach has a legend behind, named legenda batu malin kundang/ stone of malin kundang legend, and it is a famous legend we have. Stone of malin kundang is looks like a man which is bowed down among few of part of ship materials, it is happen becuase he had a cursed from his mother, becuase his arrogant. This legend tell us to have to obey our mother.

Aia manih beach have several tourism fasilities, such as parking area, the street along the beach, relax area, foods corner, sovenier shops, motel, public toilet, and mosque. Aia manih beach is a complete area for tourism, fix for picnic, camping, surfing, and other activities, and also to see the famous legend of the stone of malin kundang the rebel son. To come to this beach is so easy, you can reach by public transportation or by taxi, and before you to come about to aia manih beach you will through the padang mountain, and you will see the beautifull and exotic sea view, so wonderfull indeed! /r.j

Padang Beach/ Pantai Padang

padang-beach-view Padang beach which is on west district of Padang city, precisely along samudera street, and it is part of hindia oceanfront. This tourism beach so easy to reach from padang-square-park/ taman kota Padang, which is the center of Padang city, by walking. Before go there you can do shopping at pasar raya padang, or at matahari dept. store, or even at plaza padang.

At padang beach you can relax, enjoy the beautiful beach view, the sunset, cozy salty atmosphere of the sea, and do some exercise such as jogging, swimming at the beach, beach football, take banana boat, and others. Along the padang beach there are so many fasilities, such as hotels, restaurants, public toilet, mosque, any bake foods. Padang district government more pay attention to the padang tourism, so they more do some action to clean up the padang beach, and now it is more tidy place than ever to hung up. Every peculiar day there are so many art and culture of minang kabau were took performed at padang beach. And it is tradition of padang citizen to make the padang beach as the destination place to gathering after marathon every sunday morning. /r.j

SIKUAI The Privilege Island


The Sikuai island is a popular tourism in West Sumatera, Indonesia. It is a wonderfull and private island with white sand beach, and tropical weather, while the exotic wave may spoilt those who wanting for unforgetable natural moments. Sikuai island is about ± 23 KM up to south Padang city, which is at Bungus bay.

To come to this island, you can reach by public transportation or taxi, and you stop at teluk kabung pier, then you will take a motor boat and cross the sea into the Sikuai island, or with other route is from wisata-bahari-pier/ dermaga-wisata-bahari at muara-port/ pelabuhan-muara, Padang, about 20 minutes by speedboat and 60 minutes by boat into Sikuai island.

There is a resort in Sikuai island, total area about ± 44.4 Ha, with amount of cottages, a restaurant, conference hall, swimming pool and also a jogging track, and ofcourse the access to diving or snorkling, and other activity on the sea surrounding the Sikuai island. With the tropical atmosphere you will relax and enjoy your private moments, away from your routine activity. And at a final moment, in the afternoon you will see an exotic sunset from the Sikuai beach or from the top of Sikuai hill. /r.j