The famous event Pacu Jawi/ Buffalos Racing, one of many cultures from  Tanah Datar, will held on  22 May – 29 May – 5 June, 2010.  Location at Cubadak, Lima Kaum, Batu Sangkar, Tanah Datar Region District, West Sumatra- Indonesia. And will ending on 9 June, 2010 with grand folks festival.
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This event is also to greet the participants of Jambore Budaya Serumpun among Indonesia and Malaysia, the jamboree itself will held on 8 to 12 June, 2010 at Bumi Perkemahan Istano Basa Pagaruyuang, Tanah Datar Region Distric, West Sumatra.

Rendang The Minang Cuisine

Rendang or  ‘Randang’ in minang language is the famous cuisine from Minangkabau, not only in Indonesia but also at overseas. Rendang always served at Minangkabau ceremonial occasion, it is one of some peculiar foods that Minangkabau have.

Rendang mostly made from beef, but sometimes chicken, duck, water buffalo, mutton or even some of vegetables like jack fruit also could be another kind of  Rendang.

To make Rendang we need  a lot of spices, which are: ginger, garlic, red anions, chillies (red and ghost chillies), lemon grass, galangal/ wild ginger, turmeric leaves, nutmeg and others. Then we need coconut milks to mix all spices with beef. Making wet Rendang or also known as ‘Kalio’ not take much time to cook. But when we want dried Rendang are need two or three days cooking, it can be kept for three or four months without moldy.  /rj