Survey Of Whitewater River | Kayaking Exhibition | Photo Session At Solok Selatan

Government of Solok Selatan Region District  have a program to make them self  as an  adventure tourism destination in West Sumatra Province, and they are already develop several facilities of tourisms. As a matter of fact the nature of Solok Selatan itself are available for some adventure tourism. The rivers at Solok Selatan have an ideal drift and whitewater for kayaking or rafting, which are at Batang Liki river – Batang Bangko river – Batang Hari river – Batang Sangir river.

About  November18 to 24,  2009 Government of  Solok Selatan Region District cooperate with Komunitas Kayak Tirtaseta |the well known kayaking community in Indonesia| will held a Survey of whitewater river in that district region.. About four an international kayaker will attend On this survey and kayaking exhibition.

November 25 to 26, 2009 will continue with Kayaking Exhibition and also Photo Session for the photographers. The photo session event itself is the project which is the site of  tourism photograph, its cooperate with Region District Government of Solok Selatan.

For more information you can make contact with:
– Mr. DR. Yul Amri, The Head of  Disbudparpora of Solok Selatan Region District. at phone number: 0819 754 7720 and e-mail:
– Mr. Toto Triwindarto, The Chief of Komunitas Kayak Tirtaseta at phone number: 0815 680 6771 – (0813 7449 2464) and e-mail:
-Mr. Nofrins Napilus, The owner of at phone number: 0811 91 8008 and e-mail:

whitewater kayaking

So don’t be hesitating to come and join this event. Have a nice kayaking and get some unique photos on it! /r.j

Museum of Buya Hamka

buya_hamka museum

Buya Hamka is the well known author, mostly he write about value in Islam. Beside an author he is a respected religious expert that Indonesia ever had and also a politician. HAMKA itself was refer to his sure name, Haji Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah. He was born in kampung Molek Sungai Batang Maninjau, West Sumatra on February 17, 1908.  On July 24, 1981 he was passed away in Jakarta, Indonesia.

These are a few books and Novels which are he was wrote:
1. Adat Minang dan Agama Islam | 1929
2. Laila Majnun | 1932
3. Di Bawah Lindungan Ka’bah |1936
4. Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck |1937
5. Tashawwuf Modern |1939
6. Islam dan Demokrasi |1946
7. Adat Minangkabau Menghadapi Revolusi |1946
8. Ayahku |1950
9. Kenangan-kenangan Hidup | 4 series, Hamka’s autobiography | 1950
10. Muhammadiyah di Minangkabau |1975

He was imprisoned in 1964 to1966 as in-house prisoner by President Sukarno, and along that year he could finished his phenomenon books called the Al Azhar’s Tafsir in 5 volumes, which are the translation and teaching of the holly Koran.
Eventhough buya Hamka was already late, his  influence, works are present till now; not only in Indonesia but also in neighbor countries.

Buya Hamka is a nice personal, down to earth typical person. His face so calm and tender as well as the place he was born, The peaceful Maninjau with 44 turns and an exotic view of hills and Maninjau lake. Now a days the house where he was born is develops as museum. To come to this museum can be reach by public transportation or private vehicles. /r.j

Itiak Lado Mudo The Hot Spicy Food From Bukittinggi

When you are a fan of hot and spicy food maybe you should eat Itiak Lado Mudo. Itiak Lado Mudo or Itiak Lado Ijau itself  is a duck meat in green pepper curry. It is very hottest spicy food, just to remember that you have to brought a lot of tissues to wipe out your sweats. It is  an angel but also a demon taste of food, even you try to watering the duck meat the hot and spicy flavor will not remove from it. Everything so perfect, the hot spicy flavor and a soft duck meat are mingle in one tone taste; and also its will serve with a slice of cucumbers and karupuak jangek. Karupuak jangek is a chips from skin of  cows.

itiak lado ijau

Just come and taste the itiak lado mudo at Rumah Makan Ngarai which is locate at Jalan Ngarai Binuang, Bukittinggi – Indonesia. It is at Ngarai Sianok bottom level exactly took place. Very nice place for your culinary tourism and also nature tourism, and do not worry if you want to brought as a souvenir the frozen itiak lado mudo are serve to carry back home. Have a nice meal! /r.j