The International Dragon Boat Festival 2009


From July 30th till  August 2nd, 2009 locate on Banjir Kanal river at GOR Agus Salim Padang will held The International Dragon Boat Festival. About 7 countries will join this annual festival.

The International Dragon Boat Festival is an annual event to celebrating the anniversary of Padang city and the independent’s day  of Indonesia. At this year it will be 340th anniversary of Padang city and 64th anniversary of Indonesia independent’s day. It is a culture tourism event that you have to see. Have a nice watch! /r.j

Bukittinggi Zoo And Fort De Kock


Bukittinggi is a famous tourism destination in West Sumatra province, with cozy weather and beautiful landscape. About these month were a school holiday in Indonesia, it’s make Bukittinggi so crowded with a local tourism, mostly kids and their families. Bukittinggi zoo is one of tourism objects in Bukittinggi city. Beside a zoo, on this area we also can see:

1. Museum Rumah Gadang, where you can see the Minangkabau’s art and culture.

2. Limpapeh Bridge, the bridge which is connecting the zoo and the fortress, from this bridge you can watch the view of Bukittinggi city with two famous mountain background on both side; the Marapi mountain and Singgalang mountain.

3. Reminds of civil war, Fort De Kock; the Dutch Fortress which establish to conquer the Minangkabau’s civil war, and some canons. Fort De Kock itself was taken after the name of Commander Baron Hendrick Markus De Kock.

For note:To come to this zoo area we will be charging about Rp. 5,000.00/ person; at the museum we will charging about Rp. 1,000.00/ person. And for kids, on the fort De Kock, there are a riding horses around the fortress, and it will charging about Rp. 5,000.00/ child.

It is not to hard to find Bukittinggi Zoo area, because it is situate in the center of Bukittinggi city, from the famous Jam Gadang we can just go for a walk to the zoo area. Bukittinggi Zoo area is a cozy place for families gathering, sightseeing, and for culture  and history tourism. Have a nice holiday! /r.j

Padang Fair 2009

padangEvery year Padang district government held an event, called Padang Fair. Its to celebrate the anniversarry of Padang City. On this year Padang Fair  will held in 31 July till 9 August, 2009. Locate at H. Agus Salim Sport Centre Padang.
Padang Fair have a purposes to promoting the commodities from producer of goods and services in Padang and others to the buyers. Beside all that there are a several arts and culture event, such as  band festival, Minangkabau traditional performance, etc.  /r.j