Agam Is All About

agam-emblem Agam is a region district in West Sumatra province, Indonesia. Lubuk Basung is the capital of Agam region district. Covered about 2,232.30 KM square area. There are 2 meaning of Agam; 1. According to the language of Aceh, Agam mean a men (this mean there is a conecting betwen Minangkabau and aceh) 2. Acording to Tambo (the Minangkabau philosophy), Agam is a part of Luhak Nan Tuo which is Luhak Agam and it is take from the name of a plant which live at Mensiang Agam.

There are 15 subdistrict, and those 15 divided into 61 rural district. The subdistricts in Agam region district are:
-IV Angkek-IV Koto-Ampek Nagari-Banuhampu-Baso-Candung-Kamang Magek-Lubuk Basung- Matua-Palembayan-Palupuah-Sungai Pua-Tanjuang Mutiara-Tanjuang Raya-Tilantang Kamang.

In Agam region district there is a famous lake, called Maninjau Lake. For  people who lived arround Maninjau Lake, they used it as source for living as fishermen by developing karamba/ floating net cage where they breeding the fish. And also they farming; which are paddies, some of fruit trees, timber species, and spice trees. Agam region district government is also develpoing Maninjau lake as tourism destination. /r.j

Ambun Pagi And Ambun Tanai

ambun-pagi-and-ambun-tanai The Ambun Pagi and Ambun Tanai tourism object locate about 27 KM from Bukittinggi city, and about 5 KM from Matur. Situate more less 1,000 meters on sea level. From it we can see sunset on  maninjau lake, beautiful sightseeing. There is a hotel in this tourism object, name Hotel Nuansa Maninjau, and also a lot of souvenier shops. /r.j

Mentawai EcoTourism

Mentawai archipelago still has a genuine neolithic culture. Mentawai people  are still living in a virgin tropical forest with neolithic agricultural techniques and also the way they thinking about these present time, and in the same time you will discover an extraordinary shamanist society.


The shamannist society are living in perfect symbiosis with nature, there are numerous taboos, a forbidden action for threaten harmony. And if you lucky you will get an invitation to the healing ceremony or even a ritual for a hunt preparation, because for mentawai people illnesses and an accidents are nothing but those are a symptoms of mind troubles. This all beyond of tourism, it is about discovery of deeply human experiences and also form a friendships among mentawai people and you are as their guests.

Mentawai archipelago are the perfect place for your adventure tourism, in this place you can pretending to living like an adventure of Indiana Jones, and almost all resort on Mentawai archipelago have an eco tourism offer.  /r.j

HTs, The Amazing Surfing Point

Locate on Tuapejat, the capital of Mentawai archipelago region district, in Sipura Island. HTs or Hollow Trees are home for Katiet villa on Mentawai resort, a surf point where Lance Knight, the first western surfer who surfing in Mentawai, so now there are a wave named after his name; Lances Right and Lances Left.


On a scale of world the Mentawai archipelago has a 91 percent change for epic waves scoring, that above Hawai and Australia. The perfect barrels, warm water, and limited crowds are enchanting positively. There are some clue about Mentawai: a biggest waves are from may to september, an excellent waves are in october till april. Wave avarage is about six feet, but also sometime range in 2 till 15 feet. Still remember share the wave, and have a nice surf! /r.j

Surfing on Karamajat


Karamajat Island is part of Mentawai archipelago. Lies about one degree below of the Equator and it makes this island no influenced by easterly trade winds that often happen on the other part of Indonesia, what a unique place to go. On this island, there is  a resort, named Kandui resort, develop by western development.


Karamajat island is  unspoiled beauty of nature with soothing rythim of the tides and the allure of perfect surf to explore. A perfect island  for  you to feel the classy surf. A several waves on karamajat: 4 Bobs, A Frame, Bankvaults, Beng-beng, Burgerworld, E Bay, Hideaways, Iceland, Kandui, karangbat Left, Nipussi, Telescopes, Scarecrows, Rifles, and Pitstops. The zone of wave are in Nyang-Nyang, Playgrounds, Siberut, and Sipora. Just to remember to share a waves, and have a nice surfing! /r.j

Surfing On Siloinak, Mentawai Archipelago

The change has coming to the Mentawai Archipelago. Nowadays Mentawai archipelago has become a most wanted tourism destination to visit, especially for surfing. The waves on Mentawai archipelago are one of the greatest on the planet, best for surf spots.


There are about 60 waves lies on the Mentawai Archipelago, and 30 waves can be reach by speed ride about 10 to 20 minutes from Siloinak Islet, which Siloinak resort seat.  It is nearby Siberut Island. The pro surfers said that waves on Mentawai are perfectly form and balance, also silky and delicate shapes. here are some of the first class waves on Siloinak islet:
1. Four Bobs; a  short, mellow,  right, and fun wave.
2. A Frame; the most consistent lefts wave.
3. Bankvaults; thick shifty right with a fast and intense tube wave.
4. Beng – Beng; an extreme rippable left wave, the consistent world class wave.
5. Burgerworld; a right hander with long rippable walls and many cutbank section wave.
6. E Bay; hollow, fast and powerfull left wave.
7. Hideaways; the best wave in Mentawai but this wave so rare, it is very hollow left hand wave.
8. Kandui Left/ Nokanui; incredible fast and powerfull of long barrelling left wave.
9. Kandui Right/ Rifles; tempramental right handers and insanely hollow once it is a few feet overhead also multiple, a violent barrel sections wave.
10. Nipussi; has waves like Burgerworld, most consistent spot, easy and yet powerfull.
11. Pitstop; near E Bay, breaking over reef with a tricky take off then breaks over sand untill a suberb beach, a photogenic waves. /r.j

Mentawai Archipelago All Is About

mentawai-archipelago-regency Mentawai Archipelago is one of  the region districts in West Sumatra province, Indonesia. It is covered about 6011.35 KM square, lies about 150 KM on Sumatra coast-across of  Mentawai strait, and has been a region district in 1999, which is Tuapejat as the capital city. Mentawai Archipelago region district have four sub districts; which are:
1. The Northern South Pagai sub district,
2. The Sipora sub district,
3. The South Siberut sub district, and
4. The North Siberut sub district.

There are four major island in Mentawai Archipelago region district, which are Siberut Island (the largest one, about 4,030 KM square); Sipura Island where the Mentawai region district capital, TUAPEJAT, is locate; North Pagai Island; and South Pagai Island. On Siberut Island there has a protected tropical rain forest, it called Siberut National Park. There are five endemic primates on Mentawai Archipelago; kloss gibbon/ Hylobates klossii, mentawai macaque/ Macaca pagensis, siberut macaque/ Macaca siberu, Mentawai leaf monkey/ Presbytis pontenziani, and snub nosed monkey/ Simias concolor.


The people who live on Mentawai Archipelago known as mentawai people. For living mostly they are become a fishermen and  farmers. At this present time mentawai is the destination for surfing, and become a tourism indusrty on this region district. /r.j

The Silabu Salt Water Lagoon


There is a resort on the pictureaque Silabu salt water lagoon, Mentawai archipelago. It is called a Macaronis resort, name after the legendary macaronis wave; the most consistent breaking perfectly in all tides and ridable in any conditions of wind, it is a perfect wave in Mentawai archipelego and funnest wave on the planet (vote by pro surfers and industry for about 76 percent in 2003). The movement of tidal keeps the lagoon cool and clean for a swim and also the  perfect sunsets over the lagoon at the end of  the day. It is a nice place for gateaway. /r.j

Fishing Trips on Macas


When your first planning is to go for surfing but anfortunately the swells drops out..(I know it will be your big disapoited day) or even you feel bored to surfing!…Do not worried about those matters because you can join for a fishing trips. Mobile with Macaronis resort’s privately surf charter vessel, named by Laut India and known as ‘Indies Explorer’ the largest charter vessel that operating in the Mentawai archipelago, you will never forget this moment. Have a nice fishing trips! /r.j

The Famous Macaronis Wave


The macaronis wave can reach just about 5 minutes by speedboat from the Macaronis resort. It is surfable for large and small swells in all tides and any wind sonditions, has a best reputation among intermediate and pro surfers. Macaronis wave offer the epic tube riding condition on large swells, and on small swells perfectly shape of peeling left hander, it is perfect for all surfing levels. /r.j